Necrology,  January 2020                                                                                                                                                                  

2 Corinthians 5:1 For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

(Listed in sequential order)  

Dr. Ida Willis Keener, retired Presiding Elder of the San Antonio District of the Southwest Texas Annual Conference of the Tenth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

The Reverend Mr. Rickey Lamar Curry, Sr, 2018 M.Div. graduate of Payne Theological Seminary, and the devoted Pastor of the Mount Tabor AME Church, Lake City, FL, husband of the Rev. Mrs. Ava D. Curry, a 2019 M. Div. graduate of Payne Theological Seminary, the brother-in-love of the Rev. Dr. Mark E. Crutcher Ph. D, Pastor of Mount Olive AME Church, Orlando FL, and the Reverend Dr. Juanita C. Crutcher Ph. D.

Mrs. Imogene Lott the mother of Sister Brenda Glover, the wife of Reverend Arthur Glover, pastor Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Ridgeville, South Carolina, South Carolina Annual Conference., Charleston District, Seventh Episcopal District

Ms. Emily Garrison Mitchell, Mother of Rev. Ernest J. Ni'A (formerly Garrison), pastor of Wayman A.M.E. Church in Racine, Wisconsin and mother of Deaconess Carrie Garrison Fowler of Newman A.M.E. Church in Pontiac, Michigan, Fourth Episcopal District

Shuntal Miller-Brown, sister of the Reverend Byron B. Miller (a member of the Ministerial Staff at Ward Chapel AME Church, Little Rock, AR)  sister-in-love of Mrs. Wendy K. Miller (Ward Chapel AME Church, Little Rock, AR) and sister of Mr. Vincent Miller, (Ward Chapel AME Church, Little Rock, AR)

Frederico Hataulpa Beevers, beloved brother of Episcopal District Supervisor, Arelis Beevers Davis, and brother-in-law of Bishop James Levert Davis, Episcopal Leadership Team, Second Episcopal District

Mr. Robert H. Gibson, III, husband of Presiding Elder Rev. Colleen P. Gibson, Millington District, West Tennessee Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District

The Reverend Jacob William Hilton, Jr., The former Presiding Elder of the Central New Orleans-Bogalusa District of the Louisiana Annual Conference of the Eighth Episcopal District; husband of Mrs. Vivian Hilton

Dr. Richard Maponya, a wealthy South African entrepreneur and property developer best known for building a business empire despite the restrictions of apartheid; the husband to the late Mrs. Marina Maponya former WMS Connectional Officer, Nineteenth Episcopal District

Mr. Timothy M. Carter, Sr., the brother of First Lady Sharon Y. Hearst and brother-in-law of Rev. Dr. Stanley Hearst, Sr., Pastor and First Lady of Bethel AME Church, Moorestown, NJ, First Episcopal District

Mrs. Helen Louise Dansby, spouse of the Reverend Curtis O. Dansby, Pastor of Piney Grove AME Church, Arkadelphia, AR, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mrs. Joycia V. Hughes the sister of Reverend Dr. M. Charmaine Ragin Merrick, Presiding Elder of the Newberry District, Columbia Annual Conference, Seventh Episcopal District

Mrs. Gloria Robinson, the mother of the Rev. Germain Robinson of the Northern District, North Carolina Conference, Second Episcopal District

Mrs. Alice Boykin Miller, (age 102), the sister of Rev. Robert D. (Helena) Boykin, Retired Pastor of the North Carolina Conference, Second Episcopal District, she was also the aunt of Rev. Ronald A. (Helen) Boykin, Washington Annual Conference, William O. (Marie) Boykin, General Board Member AME Church, and Helena (Joseph) Highsmith

Brother Kenneth B. Bailey, age 76, the father of Cynthia Orr, and beloved father-in-love of Rev. Willis Orr, Sr., retired pastor in the Tennessee Annual Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

The Reverend Samuel G. Engelbrecht, age 69, pastor of St. Joseph AME Church in the Boland Annual Conference, 15th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Mrs. Christine Horne, mother of Mrs. Mary McGilberry and the mother-in-law of the Reverend Ira Lamar McGilberry, pastor of Second Allen AME Church, Laurel, Mississippi, Eightth Episcopal District

Mr. Brian McCoy, Jr., nephew (adopted son) of the Reverend Debra Branch who is an Itinerant Deacon in the Louisiana Annual Conference, Eighth Episcopal District

The Reverend Bobby Ray Sonier, retired pastor of the Texas Annual Conference. Tenth Episcopal District

Mr. Wilbur Ray Sonier, son of the late Reverend Bobby Ray Sonier and Mrs. Betty Sonier, Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mr. Steven Lawrence Pruitt, the husband of the Reverend Dr. Glenell Lee Pruitt, pastor of St. Matthew AME Church, Shreveport, Louisiana and the Director of Christian Education for the Eighth Episcopal District

Presiding Elder Bassie Obakeng Poloko Jackals, Kuruman District of the Kalahari Conference in the 15th Episcopal District, President of the 15th District ACE League and Secretary of the Global Development Council

Brother Roger Cleckley the Immediate Past President of the Seventh Episcopal District Lay, spouse of Sister Bessie Cleckley, WMS Life Member; the brother of Retired Pastor Rev. Robert Cleckley and Sister Gwendolyn Snider, WMS Life Member, and brother-in-law of Sister Lula Shaw Cleckley, Connectional President of CONN-M-SWAWO+PK’s and Rev. Julian Snider, Sr. 

Bro. William Randle, the brother of Rev. Phillip Randle, pastor of Johnson Chapel A.M.E. Church, Amarillo TX in the Northwest Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Angela Fason, the sister of the Reverend Everett Hobson, Pastor of Salter’s Chapel AME Church, Waverly, TN, Thirteenth Episcopal District

The Reverend Dr. Denzil A. Turton, Sr., Retired Itinerant Elder in the Philadelphia Annual Conference, First Episcopal District

The Reverend Clyde O. Walker, Superannuated Itinerant Elder in the New England Annual Conference and Former Pastor of Bethel African Methodist Church, Providence, Rhode Island, First Episcopal District

The Reverend Robert D. Sanders Sr., retired pastor and Itinerant Elder in the Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Sis. Vickie Powell, sister of The Hazel Kelly, Itinerant Elder, Pastor of St. John-Wayman African Methodist Episcopal Church, Bridgewater, Pennsylvania and sister-in-law of Vernon Kelly, President Pittsburgh-West Virginia Lay Organization, Third Episcopal District

Bro. Theodore Messiah (59), General Board Member of the A.M.E. Church and former President of the 15th Episcopal District Lay Organization,  former 15th Episcopal District Director of Lay Activities; the Father of Lucinda (Rev. Dr. Jermaine) Covington, Brother of Bishop Wilfred J. Messiah and Brother in law of Supervisor Carol Messiah

Lauren Messiah (28), the daughter of the Rev. Paul J Messiah, Jr., Pastor of Gow Chapel AME Church in the Boland Annual Conference, 15th Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and the niece of Bishop Wilfred J. Messiah and Mrs. Carol I. Messiah

Ayabulelamantande Theodore Messiah (2), the little baby boy of Dorothea the youngest daughter of the late Bro. Theodore Messiah and Mrs. Dellarees Messiah, a Life member of the Women Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; grandson of Presiding Elder and Mrs. Mali from the Eastern Cape Annual Conference the grandnephew of Bishop & Mrs. Messiah.

Gary Dean Cousin, the nephew of Bishop Philip Robert Cousin, the 96th Elected and Consecrated Bishop of the AME Church (Episcopal Supervisor Retired  Dr. M. Joan Cousin)


On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III; Director/Consultant Social Action Commission, Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker;  we extend profound sympathy to all bereaved families. "We wish you the peace that comes from knowing God Is There and pray that He will keep you in His Promised, Gentle care."