Necrology,   May 2020  

          "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

 (Listed in sequential order)

Reverend Joseph Daniel Seawright, the oldest brother of Bishop Harry L. Seawright, Presiding Prelate of the Ninth Episcopal District and brother-in-law of Episcopal Supervisor Reverend Sherita Moon Seawright

The Reverend Dr. Henry Y. White, Senior Pastor of Campbell A.M.E. Church, Washington, DC, the husband of Episcopal Supervisor retired, Mrs. Rowena Webster White, and beloved father of Henry Christopher and Angela Christina

The Reverend Johanna Newberry Green, a Connectional Director of the Young People’s Division of the Women’s Missionary Society of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (YPD), 1980-1987

Mrs. Willie Merl Copeland, the mother of Rev. Nathaniel Copeland, Pastor of Gaines Chapel AME Church, Phenix City, Alabama, mother of Mrs. Arleasia Copeland Redding, First Lady of Historic Saint Luke AME Church, Eufaula, Alabama; mother-in-law of Mrs. Niesha Copeland, First Lady of Gaines Chapel AME Church, and mother-in-law of Rev. James Redding, Pastor of Historic Saint Luke AME Church, Ninth Episcopal District

Mrs. Mary Autry (101), the Mother of the Rev. Linda Murray, Pastor of Saint James AME Church, Covington, Kentucky, Thirteenth Episcopal District

The mother of the Reverend Renee Marshall, a retired minister in the Washington Annual Conference, Second Episcopal District

Rev. Donald Evans Newberry Jr, the brother of Rev. Andrew Newberry of the Pittsburgh District, and son of the late Donald E. Newberry, Sr. Rev. Newberry was a member of Lee Chapel AME Church in Cincinnati, OH, and served most recently as an associate at Allen AME Church

Sister Beverly Ann Broner, the beloved sister of Rev. LaTanya Floyd, Pastor of Bethel AME Church, Kissimmee, Florida, Eleventh Episcopal District

Sister Georgia Ann Jones of Cleveland, Ohio, the aunt of Episcopal Supervisor Christy Davis Jackson, Esquire, Sixth Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church

Sister Linda Donald, the mother of Sis. Legita Holland, and mother-in-law of Rev. Alfred Holland, Jr., pastor of Union Bethel AME Church, Conroe, Texas in the Texas Annual Conference, Tenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Gertrude Gibson, the widow of the Late Rev. Dr. Ford Gibson, who served as Secretary Treasurer of Missions of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Mrs. Gloria Delane Eppeson, the West Tennessee Conference YPD Director and wife of the Reverend Jerry Epperson, Pastor, Spring Chapel AME Church, Grand Junction, Tennessee, Thirteenth Episcopal District

The Rev. Ernest Williams, 91 years, a Man of God, family and community, the father of Mrs. Mavis “Bobbie” Bush, Office Manager of the Eleventh Episcopal District and the Assistant to Bishop & Mrs. Adam J. Richardson Jr, Presiding Prelate and WMS Supervisor of the 11th Episcopal District

Mrs. Eva Hunt Taylor, affectionately known as “Momma E”, the beloved mother of the Reverend Miyoshi Taylor-Schenck and the Mother In-Love of Pastor Dorrian H. Schenck, who served in the 1st Episcopal District; in the New Jersey, Delaware and Philadelphia Conferences

Rev. Ruthie B. Phillips, the wife of Rev. Peter Phillips, an itinerant elder in the Texas Annual Conference, serving with her husband at various pastoral assignments within the Tenth Episcopal District

Sis. Kelur Gray–Brapoh, of the Eliza Turner Memorial AME Church in Monrovia, Liberia. During her lifetime, she served as the President of the 14th District’s Women Missional Society, Treasurer of the Liberian Annual Conference, Steward Board Member of the Eliza Turner Memorial AME Church and in several other capacities

Mr. Freddie J. Baker, 53, younger brother of Mrs. Tina M. Grissom, 12th District M-SWAWO+PKs President and brother-in-love of Reverend John T. Grissom, pastor of Holly Grove AME Church, North Little Rock, AR, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mr. Hurlen Cross, Sr., father of Reverend Wilfred Cross, pastor of New Home AME Church Stephens, AR and Mt. Pleasant AME Church Magnolia, AR, and father-in-love of Mrs. Cheryl Cross, Twelfth Episcopal District

Rev. Thomas Linton, the eldest brother of Mr. Henri Linton, husband of Reverend Dr. Hazel Linton, Pastor of St. Luke A.M.E. Church in the Twelfth Episcopal District. He was the last of the civil rights workers from the turbulent sixties in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama,

Mr. Ivory Gromyko Yamani James, age 40, the son of the Reverend Ivory James, Sr., Pastor of St. James AME Church, Jackson, Alabama in the Camden District, Ninth Episcopal District

Dr. Patricia Ann Morris (Pam) DeVeaux, Episcopal Supervisor Retired, (affectionately known as "Dr. Pam"), the spouse of Bishop William Phillips DeVeaux, Sr., the 113th elected and consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, a proud mother and grandmother

Mrs. Harriett Elizabeth Gaymon Sydnor, age 98, the beloved mother of Dr. Calvin H. Sydnor, III, 20th Editor of the AME Church Christian Recorder and the mother-in-love of the Rev. Dr. Charlotte Blake Sydnor.

Mrs. Eliatha Ketter Bright, mother of Rev., Dr. Tar-U-Way R.A. Bright, Sr., Senior Pastor, Turner Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Marietta, Georgia, Sixth Episcopal District

Dr. Floyd Russaw, beloved father of the Chicago Conference Women’s Missionary Society President, Kelly (Russaw) Shelton, Fourth Episcopal District

Mrs. Imogene B. Cowley, widow of the late Reverend Donald L. Cowley, former Pastor of White's Chapel AME Church and the precious mother of the Reverend Sherri Cowley Scott, Pastor of Martin Chapel AME Church, Clarksville, TN and the TN Conference WIM Coordinator/President, Thirteenth

The Reverend Lanxston Washington, Pastor of First AME Church, Sharon Hill / Darby Township PA, First Episcopal District; also, a patriot man that had served in the US Army with pride who succumbed to the ravages of the coronavirus on Memorial Day 2020

Bro. Troy Maxwell, the father and father in love of the Reverend Robert A. Ray and Mrs. Carla Maxwell Ray, Pastor and First Lady of Wayman AME Church, Frederick MD, Second Episcopal District

Sister Phyllis Ann Cannon Mardis, the mother of First Lady Crystal Mardis Johnson, and the mother-in-law of Reverend Eugene A. Johnson, Jr., Pastor of Person Chapel AME Church in Midway, Alabama, Ninth Episcopal District

Reverend Robert James Rumley, II, who served as the Pastor of St. Paul AME Church in Mobile, Alabama until he became ill, also he pastored at Nichols Temple and St. Luke AME in the in the Northwest Annual Conference, Ninth Episcopal District AME

The Reverend Arthur B Carter, Jr, (1965-2020) pastor of Primm Tabernacle AME Church, Pamona, CA, Fifth Episcopal District


On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III; Director/Consultant Social Action Commission, Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker;  we extend profound sympathy to all bereaved families. "We wish you the peace that comes from knowing God Is There and pray that He will keep you in His Promised, Gentle care."