Right to left: Mrs. Ora L. Easley, Administrator, The Clergy Family Informat Center, Mrs. Jaqueline DuPont Walker, Director, Social Action Commission and Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, Social Action Commission Chair   


The Clergy Family Information Center is a global online email notification ministry, its MISSION, an online conduit of Compassion and Caring. The ministry is a component of the Commission On Social Action of the African Methodist Episcopal Church; Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, Commission Chair, Mrs. Jackie DuPont Walker, Director, Consultant and Mrs. Ora L. Easley is the Administrator of The Clergy Family Information Center. The ministry sends email notifications globally to thousands of members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church from Episcopal Districts 1-20.  The ministry is a seven-day a week and holidays endeavor reaching across continents and oceans.

The primary function of the ministry is to inform e-mail recipients of deaths occurring within the families of God’s called servants, from our church leadership, of bishops, general officers, judicial council, connectional officers, presiding elders, pastors, ministerial staff and their families, to the families of the AME Church endorsed chaplaincy, presidents and deans of the AME Seminaries, Universities and Colleges.

The verification process precedes the posting of email notifications. Deliberate care and sensitively is exercised with each notification to avoid the posting of erroneous bereavement notifications and or service information. Many follow-up letters of sympathy are emailed to bereaved families with email addresses or e-cards are sent.

***An attempt is made by The Clergy Family Information Center to verify every bereavement notices posted via family or the funeral home establishment; therefore, follow-up information, updates and addendums are only posted at the request of Presiding Bishops, unless the deceased is denominational church leadership or from Districts 14-20.

Necrology "Date Listings" conotes the date of posting of Bereavement Notices by the office of the Clergy Family Information Center.



Congratulatory announcements are posted each Friday, that we might share the "Joyful Moments", the "Good News” of clergy family graduations-high school and above; academic achievements-high school and above; the birth of PK’s, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of ministers; birthday celebrations, 70 years and above, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, etc; weddings of ministers, PK’s, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of ministers; wedding anniversaries-25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th and above, and noteworthy achievements; providing opportunity for commendations, congratulations and well wishes to be extended to the clergy families who are praising God for the Joy of significant milestones reached in their lives.


Prayer requests received from the Bishops, Episcopal Supervisors and the General and Connectional Officers

Bereavements affecting the leadership of the Connectional Lay Organization and Women's Missionary Society

Bereavements within the staff of Episcopal District Offices and Offices of General Officers

Statements of gratitude as a courtesy for the immediate families of the church leadership who receive voluminous outpourings of sympathy when experiencing a family loss or enduring health challenges

E-blasts received from the Social Action Commission affecting the lives of the A.M.E. Church constituency

E-blast, alerts and announcements at the request of the Bishops of the Church

E-blast at the request of the Supervisors Council

E-blast at the request of the Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer

E-blast at the request of the General Secretary, Chief Information Officer

Graduation announcements received from the presidents and deans of AME Church institutions of higher education


  1. For profit advertisements (patrons, ad requests, event tickets, sale of books, pamphlets CD’s, or DVDs)
  2. Bereavement Notice -  no photos of deceased family members   (A link may be placed to a webpage with pictures).
  3. Congratulatory  Announcements - no pictures of graduations, weddings, births, books written, etc.        (A link may be placed to a webpage with pictures).
  4. No Campaign announcements

Thank you, The Administrator


*The 2015 Annnual Report of the Administrator, Mrs. Ora L. Easley, to the Commission on Social Action/General Board:   Click Here     



THE PURPOSE OF OUR WEB SITE:  (1).  To make available the posting guidelines of The Clergy Family Information Center (2). To make available necrology information, especially bereavements occurring within the Episcopal families and deceased General and Connectional officers for AME Church annual conference statisticians who compile annual necrology reports. (3). To spread the ministry message to a more global audience via cyberspace and (4). To provide a communication medium “Message Board" for persons who wish to extend public words of thanks to the AME Church Family for kindnesses rendered or for posting of prayer request.

We invite you to utilize our menu selections of Bereavement Notices posted.  Listed are the names of those who have been called from their earthly labors to their heavenly reward; listed by the year, month and day posted.

We likewise, invite you to review the congratulatory announcements and read about the "joyful moments" listed in ascending order.

*Visit HISTORY to read an in-depth historical account of The AME Church Clergy Family Information Center.

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