April 2024 Necrology 

 "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."


- Listed In Sequential Order -

Mrs. Annie B. King, the sister of Evelyn Frost, a Past President of WAC Womens Missionary Society and Past President of the Arkansas Conference M-SWAWO + PK, and sister-n-love of Reverend Charles Frost Sr., Retired Pastor in Arkansas Conference, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mrs. Wardean Nichols Henry, elder daughter of the late Bishop Decatur Ward Nichols, the 59th Elected and Consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Church, and the late Episcopal Supervisor Kay Bailey Nichols

Reverend O. Jerome Green, Esq., President of Shorter College and Member of the Judicial Council was an ordained itinerant elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and a licensed attorney with over 25 years of experience in litigation and transactions involving business, education, politics, church law matters, and economic development

Mother Gladys Cora McGee Sparrow, pastor’s widow, member of the WMS, Lay Org. and  Episcopal District and Conference M-SWAWO + PK’S, and the beloved mother of the Reverend Dr. Cassandra A. Sparrow, pastor in Suffolk, Virginia, Second Episcopal District

The Reverend Cecil "Chip" L. Murray, age 94, a civil rights icon and spiritual leader, a beacon of hope and transformation not just for the congregation of the First African Methodist Episcopal Los Angeles, but for the wider community and beyond; and he was the brother-in-law of Bishop Phillip R. Cousin, Sr.

Brother Samuel David (Pop) McCoppin the brother of Reverend Sandra Smith, Pastor of Mt. Vernon (Laurens) AME Church in the Greenville District, Piedmont Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District of the AME Church

Little-Miss Demarriah Dior Calloway, 2 years old, the great-granddaughter of The Revered Willie and Sis Jackie Weary (superannuated minister and WMS member of the Eastern District, Oklahoma State Annual Conference

The Reverend Ogopoleng George Tlhomelang, 63 years of age, a devoted pastor in the Nineteenth Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church, survived by four children, Mamosa, Puleng, Nombulelo, and Katlego

Brother James Walter Stokes, Jr., the husband of Pastor Sheiler Stokes, and 1st Gentleman of Bethel AME Church-Jeffersonville, Indiana, Fourth Episcopal District

The Reverend Tommy Dorsey served in several capacities throughout Camden/Prattville and the Camden Districts in the Southwest Alabama Annual Conference of the Ninth Episcopal District, and through out the state of Alabama

Bishop Frederick Calhoun James, (102 years of age), the Ninety-Third Elected and Consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the Founder and First Elected Consultant/Director of Social Action of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the oldest living Bishop in Methodism in the USA

Sis. Minnie L. Walker, the sister of the Reverend David Walker, recently retired pastor in the Augusta Georgia Annual Conference of the Sixth Episcopal District

Presiding Elder James Similo Nkumbi, age 67 years, an Itinerant Elder for 44 years, serving as President of the Presiding Elder Council of the 15th Episcopal District and had served as a ministerial delegate to several General Conferences

Bro. Archie L. Cooley, Jr., the father of Reverend Tracye Monagan, Pastor of First Allen AME Church, Laurel, MS, Eighth Episcopal District

The Mr. Newstell Dowdell, Jr., the father of Reverend Chris (Reverend Joseph) Walker, Pastor of St. Paul AME Church - East Lake, Birmingham in the Northwest Alabama Conference, and Reverend Sheila (Reverend Roosevelt) Williams, Pastors of St. John AME Church, Montgomery in the Alabama River Region Conference of the Ninth Episcopal District

Mrs. Jeanette J. Dyson, a member of Campbell AME Church Southeast D.C. and the mother of Reverend Dr. Diane Coles of the Washington Conference, Second Episcopal District


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On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield, and Dr. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker, Director/Consultant-Social Action Commission, we extend profound sympathy to all bereaved families. "We wish you the peace that comes from knowing God Is There and pray that He will keep you in His Promised, Gentle Care."


In Sympathy and Prayer,

Ora L. Easley, International Administrator