Necrology, October 2021 

 "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

- Listed In Sequential Order -

The Reverend Marcia Bethel, Pastor of Jacob Mission (Elgin), Lancaster District, Columbia Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Mrs. Patricia George, the grandmother and adoptive mother of Chaplain (Captain, USAF) Melissa W. Hale, first lady of the Commonwealth District (Presiding Elder William Hale) and ministerial staff of Embry Chapel AME Church, Elizabethtown, KY, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Queen Ester Jackson, mother of Mrs. Priscilla Jackson-Scott, and son-in-love of Reverend Tom W. Scott, Pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Arkadelphia AR, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mr.  Leonard Eugene Ball, the oldest brother of Chaplain, Reverend Gregory Ball of Baltimore Maryland, Second Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church

The Reverend Bohlale Phakoe, an Itinerant Elder and the Pastor and founder of St John AME Church (Lesotho Central District) of the Eighteenth Episcopal District; one of the chief intellects of the economic market of the Kingdom of Lesotho and was employed as the Director of Financial Markets in the Central Bank of Lesotho

Ms. Serena Elizabeth Byrd, the beloved daughter of Retired Presiding Elder Dr. J. Leander (Geraldine) Byrd. Elder Byrd; retired from the Pensacola District of the Florida Conference, Eleventh Episcopal District

Ms. Johnnie White, sister of the Reverend Donald White, retired pastor, and member of Greater Bethel AME Church, Nashville, Tennessee, Thirteenth Episcopal District

The Reverend Thomas Benjamin DeSue, Sr., Retired Presiding Elder, Eleventh Episcopal District; he was appointed in 1987as a Presiding Elder in the East Annual Conference by Bishop Phillip R. Cousin, later he was appointed as Administrative Assistant to the Bishop, responsible for handling of the treasury of the Eleventh Episcopal District

The Reverend Joyce Jones, age 77, served in the West Arkansas Annual Conference, Camden-El Dorado District, as pastor of St. Andrews African Methodist Episcopal Church, Hutting, Arkansas, Twelfth Episcopal District

The Reverend Carroll G. Anderson, a retired minister in the Arkansas Annual Conference of the Twelfth Episcopal District; a member of Union A.M.E. Church in Little Rock, Arkansas where he served on the ministerial staff; he was the beloved spouse of WMS Life Member Carolyn Anderson and father of Dr. Kevin Anderson 

The Reverend Dr. Jacquelyn Lorraine Brown Hurston, Pastor of Piney Grove (Gaston), Columbia District, Columbia Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District

Mr.  Reginald (Regi) J. Hargis-Hickman, an acclaimed R & B Guitarist, one of the original members and a co-founder of R&B band, Brick; and the grandson of Bishop Ernest Lawrence Hickman the 75th Elected and Consecrated Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church 

The Reverend Roger L. Washington, Pastor of Mt. Lebanon (Andrews) African Methodist Episcopal Church, Georgetown District, Palmetto Annual Conference of the Seventh Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church  

The Reverend Donald Burems, Sr., the beloved pastor of St. John AME Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a son of Hickman Temple AME Church; he was the President of the South District of the Philadelphia Annual Conference, served as a Marshal for the Philadelphia Annual Conference and was appointed the Bishop’s Attendant for four Bishops of the First Episcopal

Ms. Toledo Alice Riley, the daughter of Presiding Elder Rev. Dr. Freeman Leo Riley, Sr., and WMS Life Member Mrs. Georgia Woods Riley, deceased; she was well known in the Sixth Episcopal District as an outstanding past SED YPD Director, a very active WMS leader, and an active PK in the SED-M-SWAWO+PKs at all levels

Reverend Lee A. Thomas, Jr., a retired Itinerant Elder in the New York Annual Conference and former pastor of Payne African Methodist Episcopal Church in Chatham, New York, Jamaica/Long Island District, First Episcopal District

Mr. Cleophus Torrence, the baby brother of The Reverend Napoleon Davis, Jr., retired Pastor and Former Presiding Elder in the West Arkansas Conference, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mr. Erston Wilson, the father of The Reverend Cindy Robinson, pastor of the Lacy Circuit, East Arkansas Annual Conference, Twelfth Episcopal District

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On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield, Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker, Director/Consultant-Social Action Commission, we extend profound sympathy to all bereaved families. "We wish you the peace that comes from knowing God Is There and pray that He will keep you in His Promised, Gentle Care."

In Sympathy and Prayer,

Ora L. Easley, International Administrator