Necrology,  February 2020  

          "For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens."

 (Listed in sequential order)

Sister Brandi Worthen Leland, the daughter of the Reverend Charlie C. Worthen (Dreamal), Pastor of St. Hebron AME Church, Quincy, Florida, Quincy-Monticello District AMEC, Eleventh Episcopal District and sister of the Reverend Carlton Worthen, Pastor of St. John AME Church, Eufaula, Alabama, Dothan Eufaula District AMEC., ninth Episcopal District

Mrs. Valerie Faith Gary Bell, 14th Connectional President of the Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

Mrs. Raffalda Goshay, wife of The Reverend Jon Goshay, former pastor of St. James African Methodist Episcopal Church, Erie, Pennsylvania, Third Episcopal District

Mrs. Jeanette Williams, sister of the Reverend Michael B. Harris, pastor of New St. James AME Church, Camden, AR, and sister-in-love of Mrs. Jessie Harris, Twelfth Episcopal District

Mrs. Elaine Smith, the sister of Reverend Richard H. Worthy, Presiding Elder, Wilmington District, of the Delaware Annual Conference, and the sister-in-law of Reverend Vera V. Worthy, Consultant, First Episcopal District

Mrs. Delmarie Noble, mother of Mrs. Vickie R. Davis and mother-in-love of Reverend Napoleon Davis, Jr, of Twelfth Episcopal District

Mrs. Alberta Monk-Miller the mother of Mrs. Bettye M. Sydnor, Comptroller of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the sister of Mrs. Mary L. McKinney, wife of the Late Dr. Joseph C. McKinney

Mr. Robert Anthony Jones, brother of Sis. Hartents Johnson, President of the Kentucky Conference Ministers’ Spouses, and brother in law of the Rev. Ralph “Tommy” Johnson, pastor of Mount Zion AME Church in Frazer, Kentucky, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Magnolia “Maggie” Jackson, cousin to the Rev. Ralph “Tommy” Johnson, pastor of Mount Zion AME Church in Frazer, Kentucky, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Mr. Philip Alcorn, spouse of Terry Alcorn and brother in law of the Rev. Ralph “Tommy” JohnsonThirteenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Mary Marcella Washington Higgins, aunt of the Rev Jermaine Wilson, pastor of St John AME Church in Frankfort, KY, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Mr. Tommy Hocker, faithful member of Bethel AME Church of Boneyville (Stanford), the brother of Mrs. Janette Napier, widow of the Rev. Cecil Napier, deceased member of the Kentucky Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District

Mrs. Lillian Hall, the mother of Rev. Lillian Frey, Local Elder;  mother in law of Rev. Nathan Frey, pastor of St. Peter AME Church, Nashville; TN, the widow of Rev. Andrew Hall, Sr., Local Elder at Payne Chapel AME Church, Nashville, TN, Thirteenth Episcopal District

119 Years Young, Mother Janet Munyuku, Mother of the Twentieth Episcopal District who was among the great “unsung she-roes” of the AMEC Christian faith; helping her husband to start a church, faithful WMS leader who trained many to be Christian disciples and young ladies, in the Nyanga mountains of Zimbabwe

Brother Turhan Cuff, (75) the brother of Reverend Norwood Cuff, Pastor of Campbell AME Church, Woodbury, NJ and the brother-in-law to Evangelist Bonita Cuff, First Lady, First Episcopal District

Mrs. Linda Calhoun the sister in-law to Presiding Elder Johnny R. Calhoun, Capital District, Washington Conference, Second Episcopal District

Mr. Percy White, the father of the Reverend Rebecca Johnson, pastor of St. Paul AME Church, Madison, Mississippi, Eighth Episcopal District

Sister Odessa Weaver-Davis (92), the Grandmother of Reverend Orsells Cooper-Hughes, pastor of St. James A.M.E. Church, Bridgeport, CT, New England Conference, First Episcopal District

Rev. Dr. Faye Taylor, local elder faithfully serving Wayman Chapel AMEC in Dayton, OH, Rev. Gerald A. Cooper, Pastor, and the mother of the Rev. Karen Fox, a local elder of Wayman Chapel, South Ohio Conference, Third Episcopal District

Mrs. Shirley A. Sheares, former Connectional WMS Life Member Commissioner, former 2nd Episcopal District President of the Women's Missionary Society and current Director of the Empowerment AME Center in Raleigh, North Carolina, wife of the late Presiding Elder James N. Sheares

Sister Josephine Tolefree Hines, the sister of the Reverend Truman Tolefree and sister-in-love of the Reverend Bettie Tolefree, pastor and first lady of Bethel A.M.E. Church, Little Rock, AR., Twelfth Episcopal District

Mr. Ross Blakley, the father of Reverend Justin B. Anderson, pastor of Israel AME Church, Albany, NY, Western New York Annual Conference, First Episcopal District

 Church (Formerly Princeton Circuit)., Twelfth Episcopal District

Mrs. Bridget Regina Cowan, daughter of Reverend Joe and Mrs. Georgia Fletcher of Clarksville, TN, retired Itinerant Elder and wife in the Tennessee Annual Conference, Thirteenth Episcopal District; members of Greater Ebenezer AME Church, Clarksville, TN,

Sister Alberta Love Sparks, the dear Mother of Sis. Maria McCoy and Mother in Law of Rev. E. Will McCoy, Pastor of Mt. Olive AME Church, Bushnell, Florida, Eleventh Episcopal District

The Rev. Teresa Gail Bryant, the sister of Rev. Cheryle Highsmith, pastor of St. Andrew AMEC, Pine Bluff, AR and the aunt of Sister Krissy Harris, pastor of New Mt. Zion-St. John AME, Twelfth Episcopal District

Ms. Michelle Cynthia Grimes, a member of St. John AME Church, Hamilton Parish Bermuda, and is the much-loved sister of the Reverend Trevor E. Woolridge, Pastor, Bethel AME Church, Mobile  Mobile, Alabama, Ninth Episcopal District

Mrs. Lucille Cornellious Davis Givens, the beloved mother of the Reverend James C. Givens (Roberta T.), Christian Education Director of the Eleventh Episcopal District (AMEC) and pastor of Mount Olive AME Church, Ft. Myers, FL, Eleventh Episcopal District


On behalf of Social Action Commission Chair, Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III; Director/Consultant Social Action Commission, Mrs. Jacquelyn DuPont-Walker;  we extend profound sympathy to all bereaved families. "We wish you the peace that comes from knowing God Is There and pray that He will keep you in His Promised, Gentle care."